Below are several resources I've developed working with K-12 educators.  If you find them useful or have tips on how to improve them please let me know.  I've also been fortunate to work with programs that put scientists into schools (Deep-C's Scientists in the Schools program, Santa Barbara Partners in Education) and look forward to future chances to visit with schools.

exploringthenaturalworld.comConnecting Research to the Classroom


It took a long time for me to relate what I learned in classrooms to a potential career as an ecologist.  As a way to help students see what an ecologist does on regular basis, feel free to keep up with lab happenings through my educational site blog. 
Developed in conjunction with several UCSB undergraduates, this website serves as a link relating our research activities to what we currently know about the intertidal system as a whole.  Check it out for information on what we see happening in the intertidal community and how our research fits into the bigger picture.  There are also lab videos, photos, and classroom activities.

Marine Biology from Dos Pueblos Career Day
Presentation from Dos Pueblos High School career day in 2010, when I talked about how I ended up as an ecologist.